Our people

Professor Franca Ronchese

PhD(Padua), Dip Microbiology

Immune Cell Biology Programme Leader

Professor Franca Ronchese completed her studies at the University of Padova, Italy and spent four years as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health, USA. She then worked as an independent Scientific Member at the Basel Institute for Immunology, Switzerland, before being awarded a Malaghan Senior Research Fellowship to establish her research programme at the Malaghan Institute in 1994.

Research interests

My primary research interest is dendritic cells - specialised immune cells that can process environmental cues into signals that activate or switch off immune responses.  Dendritic cells are found in most tissues of the body, but differ in specific activation requirements and properties. 

Dendritic cells are ideal targets for the development of immunotherapies for diseases such as cancer, where a more powerful immune activation might result in the control of tumour growth, or allergy and autoimmune disease, where dendritic cells play an important role in local inflammation.

We collaborate with other groups in Wellington and overseas to address the following questions:

  • Can dendritic cells in tumours be manipulated to support an intratumoral environment that favours tumour rejection, and minimises immune suppression?
  • What are the weapons that immune cells require to successfully attack cancer?
  • What signals instruct dendritic cells to initiate allergic immune responses?
  • Can dendritic cells be targeted to specifically reduce allergic inflammation with minimal effects on other immune responses?

Research group

Immune Cell Biology
Immune Cell Biology Programme Leader: Professor Franca Ronchese
Research Fellows: Dr Sabine Kuhn
Dr Lisa Connor
Senior Research Officers: Shiau-Choot Tang
Evelyn Hyde
Dr Jianping (Mark) Yang



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