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Ryan Kyle's Nature Immunology success

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PhD student Karmella Naidoo and eczema

Understanding the immune cell events that initiate allergic disease is key to beating this disease.

Current Student Projects


Connie Gilfillan BSc(Hons)(VUW)

PhD Project: The role of antigen presenting cell (APC) populations in tumour progression and immunotherapy
Supervisor: Prof Franca Ronchese, Dr Melanie McConnell (VUW), Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)

Olivia Burn BSc(Hons)(Otago)

PhD Project: Augmenting anti-tumour T cell responses using innate-like T cell ligands
Dr Robert Weinkove, Assoc Prof Ian Hermans, Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)

Joshua Lange BSc(Hons)(Otago)

PhD project: Enhancing anti-tumour responses with mucosal associated invariant T (MAIT) cells

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Ian Hermans, Dr Oliver Gasser, Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)

Ellie-May Jarvis BMedSc(Otago)

BMedSc Project: Boosting immune responses against cancer using innate-like T cells

Supervisor: Dr Robert Weinkove

Emma Petley BBmedSc(VUW)

Masters project: The potential of synthetic conjugate peptide vaccines as anti-tumour therapies in mice

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Ian Hermans

Asthma & Allergy

Kerry Hilligan BBmedSc(VUW) MBmedSc(Hons)(VUW)

PhD Project: The role of innate immune cell populations in the priming of T helper responses in the skin
Supervisors: Prof Franca Ronchese, Dr Lisa Connor and Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)

Kimberley Meijlink BSc (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands)

Masters project: Regulation of allergic responses in the skin by helminth parasites

Supervisors: Prof Graham Le Gros and Dr Kara Filbey

Gut Inflammation

Karmella Naidoo BBmedSci(VUW)

PhD Project: Halting the allergic march via immune checkpoints of allergic skin inflammation
Supervisors:  Dr Elizabeth Forbes-Blom and Prof Graham Le Gros

Recently awarded PhDs


Alanna Cameron BBmedSci(VUW)
PhD Project: Immunological effects of highly targeted anticancer drugs
Supervisor: Prof Mike Berridge

Cameron Field BSc(Hons)(Otago)
PhD Project: Attenuation of immunosuppression to complement GBM immunotherapy
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Ian Hermans 

Asthma & Allergy

Naomi Daniels BMedLabSci(Otago)

PhD Project: Cytotoxic T lymphocyte-mediated immunotherapy of allergic airway inflammation
Supervisors: Prof Franca Ronchese, Dr Lisa Connor and Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)

Ryan Kyle BBmedSc(VUW)

PhD Project: Th2 cell function and fate during immune responses
Supervisors: Prof Graham Le Gros and Prof Franca Ronchese

Sotaro Ochiai BSc-Biomed(Hons)(Auckland)

PhD Project: Role of innate cytokines in dendritic cell programming in allergic diseases
Supervisors: Prof Graham Le Gros, Prof Franca Ronchese and  Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)

Gut Inflammation

Catherine Plunkett BBmedSc(Hons)(VUW)

PhD Project: Investigating the role of interleukin 25 in gut immune responses
Supervisors: Prof Graham Le Gros, Dr Elizabeth Forbes-Blom, Prof Brett Delahunt (Otago)